Photos of
Eric and Kelly's research and development trip to Portugal

Steep street hill side entrance to our condo on left. You can see gondolas here.

Balcony of our condo with trademark bridge behind eric. You can see gondola lines.

Dinner on riverfront.

Our condo is where I drew the arrow. Hard walk up and down. Sandeman Port house on right. Live music everywhere and heard purple rain twice on first night.

After dinner Port for Eric and famous cherry shot in a chocolate cup.

Sunset from our condo - those are the historical port boats that bring wine down river to here.

Morning view of the port storage buildings below us.

Eric working Sunday morning in our big picture window.

At dinner Eric in front of port boat to show his salesman.

Our friends arrive late afternoon today so Eric and I will explore today.

We are leaving the beautiful Douro Valley today and going back to the city for the last few days. Here are some highlights:

Hotel we stayed in was at a working winery. Fabulous place!

We took train into the valley to meet one of Eric's winery contacts. His vineyard was under construction so he we had lunch and great conversation with him right on the river. Had to run to catch our train. I have a lot of train videos and will have to figure out which ones are the best. Train was so cool - scenery unbelievable and we are taking it back to the city today. Took bus here on the way out.

Next day went to Dows winery for tour and tasting and the dinners at the hotel were so much food with unlimited wines - heaven? Eric has tried a lot of different foods here.

This morning we went on an hour walk up to top of hotel vineyard and down to river side.